• Topping Trees

    Some people think that topping trees will make a tree less hazardous. This is not true! Although topping trees may seem like a good idea initially, it will lead to more danger in the future.

    Topping a tree boosts the growth of twigs below the cuts. These twigs or sprouts lead to branches with weak attachments to the trunk. Decay spreads inside the branches and stubs that were topped. The tree will regain its height within 2 - 5 years, but will be more hazardous than before because of the weak trunk attachments and possible decay.

    Instead of topping trees, we suggest thinning, corrective pruning, cabling or possibly removal and replacement of the hazardous tree with a species more suitable to the location.

  • Volcano Mulching of Young Trees
  • Too much mulch around the base of a tree is not good. If it looks like a volcano, this can lead to insect and disease problems. The tree roots tend to grow into the mulch area and can girdle the trunk, killing the tree when it matures. After time the mulch can become matted and may prevent water and air penetration.

    Roots of trees need to grow into the soil surrounding the root ball. The proper way to mulch is a 2 to 4 inch layer of mulch. This will hold moisture until the tree gets established into its surrounding soil. Never put a lot of mulch near the trunk of a tree; spread it out evenly away from the trunk.

    The benefit of remulching is to keep lawn mowers and weed whackers from damaging the trunk, also known as "lawn mower blight".

  • Fertilizing Trees and Shrubs

    I believe most trees get enough fertilizer on the homeowner's propertry by lawn care companies. Lawn fertilizer will feed root systems to the trees by soaking into the ground after rains. If your trees and shrubs look off color or are not growing fast enough, they may not be getting enough nutrients and can be fertilized by broadcasting a balanced fertilizer around the base of their root systems. I recomend a fertilizer with a slow release component so it works over a longer period of time. A certified tree expert can help you with the correct action to take on your particular property.

Everyone at Paul May Tree Service follows good tree and shrub care practices.